PIX 2024

As a member of the organising committee for the 2024 PIX/AMC/APL conference the lead up to this years event was hectic. However, I am happy to report that it was a roaring success. With over 1500 delegates and the most exhibitors ever the conference was jam packed with exciting presentations and engaging interactions with many sectors of the industry. The opening plenary featured Bernard Salt aka smashed avo man and Melissa Clarke-Reynolds and provided food for thought. They discussed the latest trends and made predictions about where our industry might be heading. Bernard asked why AgriBusiness is not one of Australia’s top corporate assets and he also shared some new acronyms for my vocabulary. Such as “VESPAs” (Virus Escapees Seeking Provincial Australia) and “KIPPERS” (Kids In Parents Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings). I especially enjoyed the discussion that Melissa presented around artificial intelligence and the suggestion that one day soon we might be able to talk to a chicken chat bot, who will be able to articulate their current state while on farm. Such a thought provoking presentation.

Featuring over 200 innovative booths, PIX 2024 provided attendees with a remarkable opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies, products, and services. From advanced animal health solutions to state-of-the-art feed production equipment, the exhibition showcased the latest advancements in the poultry, pig, and milling sectors. Attendees also had access to interactive workshops and presentations covering a wide range of topics, including sustainability, animal welfare, and digital transformation in agriculture.

Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many commending the event’s impeccable organisation, the diverse range of exhibitors, and the wealth of information available. PIX 2024 truly embodied its theme, “Food with Purpose,” leaving attendees both inspired and equipped to drive future advancements in the industry.

In-between catch ups over coffee and exploring the latest tech on display in the trade hall I managed to get to some fantastic presentation sessions. Some of the standout talks included Dr Seiche Genger from Baiada Poultry who talked about managing avian influenza in the US and it certainly provided many things for us to consider with the threat of this virus looming in Australia. While we are all actively focusing on how we can prepare for such an event I can’t help but think there are a few things that we may have overlooked such as access to laboratories to do all the testing that will be required. Definitely something to follow up in the coming weeks. Alex Turney and myself hosted a session focused on Market Trends for Protein that included talks from Nick Carracher, Michael Toscano and Steve Wiedemann and a concluding panel session. There were some great questions from the audience and some fantastic discussion around the tensions between welfare and sustainability and how all our industries will be able to address such issues in the future. The final session of the conference was focused on Biosecurity, EAD Risks, Plans and Experiences and was a joint session between PIX, AMC and APL. This session was fantastic and highlighted how much we can learn if we share experience and learn from why others have done well and also what they found challenging. I look forward to many more combined sessions at the next conference in two years time. Which will be here before we know it! It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet many new ones. The exchange of information and the opportunities that arise from attending this event, as well as the numerous networking opportunities available make it the premier poultry event. As we reflect on this remarkable event, we eagerly anticipate the continued collaboration and innovation that will shape the future of the poultry, pig, and milling sectors

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