Poultry CRC 2: one year on

Welcome to the final eChook for 2010.

A year has passed since the Poultry CRC secured funding for another seven and a half years. During the year, we have properly set up all the necessary governance and management processes, approved 21 research projects, and commenced most of our education activities.

The Poultry CRC now has 32 participants, including more than 95% of the Australian poultry industry. Many additional partners have joined us since the new Poultry CRC commenced operation earlier this year. This suggests that our track record has been good and current research and education programs attractive.

The 21 approved projects involve researchers from all of our research providers and a good number from our industry partners. These projects cover approximately 80% of the outputs identified in our agreement with the Australian Government, including vaccines and vaccine antigens, rapid diagnostic tests for poultry diseases, novel therapeutics, delivery systems for bioactive materials, evidence-based approaches to bird welfare, nutrition and environment, and egg quality and food safety. Many of these projects are progressing well. There will be further project calls in the future to fill the gaps for the remaining 20% or so of outputs that will require addressing over the next six and a half years.

Our Education Program has focussed on bringing all our activities initiated in the previous CRC to fruition. This includes offering support to our postgraduate scholars who had completed or continue to pursue their higher degrees, providing scholarships to poultry health professionals enrolled in the Avian Health Online course, revising and finalising books and other resources for the Vocational Education and Training sector, and engaging schools for poultry related education projects, such as our very popular Teacher’s Resource Kit, and the WPSA Schools Program.

All in all, it has been a busy but highly productive year for the Poultry CRC.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2011!



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