Poultry CRC – Call for Preliminary Research Proposals 2012

The Poultry CRC now calls for Preliminary Research Proposals (PRPs).

In this round of proposals, our priorities are:

1)      Egg quality work related to “development and commercialisation of intelligent sensors of egg freshness”.

2)      “Development of commercially feasible, new products from egg and egg shell wastes”.

3)      Nutrition work related to “testing a net energy system for layers” and broiler breeders.

Proposals addressing the above milestones will be given priority. Proposals broadly aligned with other outstanding milestones in our programs (see Attachment 1 to the form for PRPs, mentioned below), may be given consideration after proposals on the above milestones are considered.

Your Proposal(s) must aim to produce an Output or results that will help achieve the CRC’s Key Objectives and Program aims.

You can download the application form for PRPs, along with instructions by clicking HERE or by logging onto your smartsheet account (via Forms  & Resources sheet) or by contacting the Poultry CRC (phone: 02-6773 3051; fax: 02-6773 3050; email: admin@poultrycrc.com.au).

Please email your PRPs to admin@poultrycrc.com.au by 5pm Australian EST on Friday 21 September 2012.

The Poultry CRC is not a funding body and applications are not open to researchers from non-participant organisations.

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