Poultry CRC – Call for Preliminary Research Proposals 2013

This process is designed to encourage researchers from our partner organisations to put forward research ideas that encompass frontier science, industry relevance and genuine collaboration. Indeed, every proposal received will be evaluated for its science, utility and fit-for-purpose in the Poultry CRC environment.

The Poultry CRC has three Programs, which cover nine Projects. Each Project has specific Outputs associated with that Project. Our objective is to produce these Outputs by meeting the milestones listed under each Output. Please see the Attachment on the application form (below) for a detailed outline of the CRC’s Programs.


  • Vaccines for poultry diseases of industry importance
  • Parental nutrition for progeny health and performance
  • Links between nutrition and environmental impact
  • Holistic approaches to free range production
  • Net energy systems for layers and broiler breeders

Proposals addressing the above milestones will be given priority. Proposals broadly aligned with other outstanding milestones in our programs (see Attachment), may be given consideration after proposals on the above milestones are considered.


Poultry CRC funding is open to all researchers employed by or affiliated with its Participants.  Researchers from non-participant organisations are not eligible to submit Proposals in their own right, but are welcome to collaborate with researchers from Participants (please see the list of current CRC Participants here).  Funding under such an arrangement will be through a subcontract with the organisation employing the Sub-Project Leader.

APPLICATION FORM AND INSTRUCTIONS: Poultry CRC – Call for Preliminary Research Proposals 2013 (doc)

Preliminary Research Proposals (PRPs) are due by 5pm EDST on Friday 1 November 2013. Submission by email only to admin@poultrycrc.com.au

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