Poultry CRC garners strong support from industry

Welcome to another edition of eChook.

Since my last update, there has been no further news about when the guidelines for Round 11 CRCs will be released. However, the Poultry CRC has received 21 expressions of interests from various partners representing over 95% of the Australian poultry industry. This shows an overwhelming support by the industry in which we operate and the institutions that provide research to the industry.

Furthermore, it is an important indication that the Australian poultry industry recognises research and training as essential for its long term sustainability and the CRC Program as an efficient platform for delivering them. This is timely because the Cutler Report (part of the Review of the National Innovation System) lists Food SecurityAgriculture and Climate Change as the first three national priorities. The poultry industry is certainly poised to meet all three priorities with its efficient production system and low carbon footprint.

This is an extremely busy time for the Poultry CRC as we are at the peak of our research and education outcomes which require timely delivery to the end-user. In the meantime, we need to harness the support shown by our industry and research providers to put together a re-bid program which will further enhance our ability to deliver tangible outcomes to Australia.



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