Poultry CRC having a capital time

Welcome to another edition of eChook.

We attended the CRC Association’s 2009 conference in Canberra last week, where we received the Award for Excellence in Innovation in Education and Training and Public Outreach Activities for Poultry Hub. I would like to thank our Communications Manager, Mr Chris Day, who was instrumental in establishing Poultry Hub using the most up to date technology for disseminating information via the web. I would also like to thank many colleagues who contributed to the contents and the thousands of people who have accessed Poultry Hub since its inception!

For our day-to-day activities, we are continuing to meet our milestones whilst focussing on maximising our research and commercial outputs. We have funded six new research projects in the areas of egg quality and safety, reproductive tract infection in free range hens, bacteriophages for selected poultry pathogens, Coryza vaccine, ILT vaccine, and determining egg production exposure to the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. These are short-term strategic projects that are industry relevant, and if successful, will have high commercial impact.

For our re-bid, we will attend a face-to-face interview on 1 July in Canberra. The outcome of our interview will be announced by mid to late July. There is no doubt that you will hear from us then!

Thanks for your support.



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