Poultry CRC travelling smoothly

Welcome to another edition of eChook!

Research activities of the CRC are progressing well, with important stop/go milestone reviews due for a number of our projects. Reviewing these projects ensures they are progressing against their agreed milestones, and that they remain relevant and applicable to industry. Where a project fails to meet its stop/go milestone, it will face revision or, if necessary, termination. This is critical, as the CRC’s mission is to produce viable outcomes for our end-users, not just to fund research.

In addition, recently submitted Full Research Proposals (FRPs) are now being reviewed. The decision to approve an FRP depends on demonstrating it is scientifically feasible, applicable for end-users, and that the CRC is able to fund it.

In this edition we feature Geoff Hinch’s current research into the development of new methods for welfare assessment in free-ranging layers. This research seeks to identify how hens ‘feel’ and their use of outdoor space in the range. We hear from Industry Internship recipient, Sheridan Alfiverich, who has recently commenced with poultry consultancy Zootechny (under the guidance of Dr Peter Groves). Finally, we welcome internationally renowned poultry scientist Professor Hank Classen, who has made the trip to Australia to develop ideas for future research and, while here, will lend his expertise to review a number of CRC projects.



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