Poultry Grad 2022

Poultry science students attended PoultryGrad 2022 for two days in Late July. It was held in Geelong and the surrounding area this year. PoultryGrad enables the students to plan and discuss their future careers, gain valuable peers and contacts within the industry and discuss how research can benefit the poultry industry. There were many opportunities to meet people both from the poultry industry and also students from other universities.

On the first day we had a variety of speakers from different backgrounds including research, government and industry and they were able to talk to the students about their current job position, experiences and their particular career path. The students were able to ask many questions relating to career advice and how they go to where they are. During the day the students were also able to participate in ‘poultry bucks’ an activity designed to improve the communication skills. During this activity the students had 40 seconds to be clear, concise and articulate while talking about their current research. Each candidate was allocated ‘poultry bucks’ and once everyone had finished the students were then able to allocate their ‘buck’s to who they thought should win…….. And the winner was Shiva Greenhalgh! Congratulations!!

On the second day the group visited Josh’s Rainbow Eggs. During this farm visit we were truly immersed in what it would be like to work and manage a free range egg farm. The students were very engaged and were blown away by not only the hen trailers but the state of the art machines used for packing the eggs as well. With many students never being on a large egg producing farm before there were loads of questions and students were blown away with the amount of knowledge and passion that the team at Josh’s rainbow Eggs had. Thank you so much for hosting us!

Poultry Hub Australia is excited to see where these young poultry scientists will end up and we are always happy to help aid in establishing their careers within the poultry industry. We would also like to say a massive thank you to all those who helped to make the 2022 Poultry Grad successful!

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