Poultry Scientists Recognised in Australia’s Top 250

Last month The Australian Newspaper published their Research Magazine where they showcase Australia’s top researchers in 250 different fields of research. Two well-known poultry researchers were among the cream of the crop. Dr Cheryl McCarthy from the University of Southern Queensland whose work focuses on automated systems that deliver innovative algorithms that track the weight and movement of a flock of chickens. Cheryl’s technology reduces the need for manual handling, while improving animal welfare and enhancing on-farm efficiencies. The second researcher is Professor Bob Swick who was recognised for his work in animal husbandry. Bob is a premier animal nutritionist who has worked extensively in the poultry industry over the years.

The primary data source used to identify the researchers is Google Scholar. Following the taxonomy utilized by Google Scholar, 250 research fields were analysed, with exclusions made for those where Australian research is less prominent. Specifically, the preeminent Australian-based researcher in a field is determined by assessing papers published in the top 20 journals of their field (measured by H-index) over the past five years. This assessment considers the number of citations these papers have received from other researchers, serving as a measure that filters for both quality and impact.

Congratulations to both Cheryl and Bob, what a fantastic achievement. To read more click here.

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