Researchers make the most of the eResearch revolution

Researchers at the Universities of New England, Sydney and New South Wales are benefiting from the growth of eResearch.

eResearch refers to the application of advanced information and communication technologies to the practice of research. It enhances existing research processes, making them more efficient and effective, and it enables new kinds of research processes.

Researchers around the world have been exploiting the opportunities of eResearch for most of the last ten years, with leadership in countries such as the UK (under the name e-Science) and the US (as Cyberinfrastructure). Key areas include high-performance computing, data management and access, collaboration, networking and security.

The University of New England (UNE) recently joined Intersect Australia Ltd, the peak eResearch organisation in NSW. Intersect provides eResearch services and solutions to its members by developing a concentration of eResearch expertise in the State.

Amit Jaiswal, UNE’s eResearch Analyst, said his role is to create awareness of eResearch, identifying any researchers who have an interest in this space, co-ordinate responses from external bodies such as the Australian Research Collaboration Service (ARCS), as well as determining what resources the university itself has to offer the researchers.

Intersect works with the existing technical capabilities of its members and partners to identify, develop and deliver world-class ICT enabled platforms to drive the next generation of research and innovation.

“Intersect can also help researchers with requirements gathering to development and delivery for projects,” explained Amit. “In addition, I can help researchers determine and identify appropriate services and manage their customisations.”

I am a software engineer with seven years of experience in analysis, project management, design and development and have worked across a variety of industries, including agriculture.”

Visit or to find more information on eResearch and how it can help you with your poultry research projects.

Researchers at UNE can contact Amit Jaiswal directly on 0414 636 984 or by emailing

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