Small Scale Free Range Poultry

The Small Scale Free Range Poultry Community of Practice (COP) was launched at PIX 2024! This initiative offers small-scale free-range poultry producers access to relevant, technically sound information. It supports producers through knowledge sharing, problem solving, and connecting them with the latest best practices.

What is the Small Scale Poultry Community of Practice (COP) About? SHARING.

The COP is about sharing knowledge and resources among small-scale free-range poultry producers. It addresses their needs by providing accurate information and connecting them with industry participants. This platform discusses best practices, emerging issues, and solutions, fostering community and collaboration.

By offering tailored information, the COP helps producers stay updated with current best practices, leading to better outcomes for all stakeholders. The COP believes in the power of community, emphasizing that “Together we can achieve more.”

Meet the Experts

  • Joanna Blunden: From NSW DPI, Joanna has 20 years of experience in the poultry egg industry, dedicated to connecting with producers and professionals.
  • Tamsyn Crowley: The Director of Poultry Hub Australia, Tamsyn offers extensive experience in poultry research, significantly contributing to the COP.
  • Isabelle Ruhnke: With eight years of research experience at the University of New England focusing on free-range laying hens, Isabelle brings valuable insights to the COP.
  • Rachele Osmond: A Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries extension officer, Rachele passionately supports Australia’s poultry industries.

For more information on this initiative and to join the community, visit Small Scale Free Range Poultry.

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