Student Engagement with Industry

Recently, UNE undergraduate student Jarrah Ransome had the opportunity to visit a Baiada broiler farm and feed mill near Tamworth, NSW. Jarrah was hosted by Baiada Nutritionist, Emma Bradbury who explained the intricacies of managing sheds, diets and feed additives.

Following the experience, Jarrah now has a new interest in what the poultry industry has to offer new graduates.

“This experience has really opened my horizon in to the future of poultry as a career choice.
I think the education surrounding opportunities in poultry is really lacking and its organisations such as Poultry Hub who are ahead of the game, reaching out to students, and allowing them opportunities such as this day at Baiada Tamworth, which broadened my perspective on poultry as an industry worth exploring for a future career path.

Poultry has so far been a very inviting industry, there is a lot of transparency in regards to what the industry is focused on in regards to health, biosecurity and production. If there is anything I have learnt so far it is that the industry itself is made of people from all walks of agriculture, it has been very hard to come by people who are directly from a poultry based background, and that’s certainly an aspect that I think is important. The principles of intensive production in poultry being applicable to many other agricultural sectors.” Jarrah Ransome

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