Teachers Resource – Eggs, The Inside Story

Recently, the Poultry CRC undertook two projects aimed at making life easier for school teachers wishing to teach Poultry in Schools.

The first was to revise and update the existing Secondary School teaching materials, the second, to develop new teaching materials for Primary Schools.

The Secondary materials were reviewed and re-formatted by retired University Lecturer, Garry Clark. Duplication was removed, design improved and materials condensed.

A science based Integrated Unit, suitable for children aged 9 -11 titled “Eggs, the Inside Story” was written by Gail Bryant,  a Primary School teacher with over 35 years experience. Artwork was provided by Meaghan Bryant.  A comprehensive Unit Plan was developed, which linked the lessons to the new Australian National Content Descriptors from the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority. Print-ready worksheets have been written which cover a range of curriculum areas, including English, Science, Mathematics, Creative Arts, PE and Health, and Technology.

Both sets of work have been placed online and are available to download via Poultry Hub.

Activities have been included in both sets of resources which would be suitable for inclusion in projects submitted to the World Poultry Science Association (WPSA) competition. For schools interested in participating in this competition, the contacts are:


For QLD and NSW schools;

Alison Spencer – Agri-Science Queensland
Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation
PO Box 327 (26-40 Delancey Street), Cleveland QLD 4163
t: 07 3824 9509
e: alison.spencer@deedi.qld.gov.au
Customer Service Centre 13 25 23


For SA and VIC schools

Belinda Rodda – Agricultural Officer
PIRSA/SARDI, Livestock Systems
Roseworthy Campus, SA 5371
t: 08 8303 7794
e: belinda.rodda@sa.gov.au

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