Upcoming Event – Southern Star Poultry Alliance Launch

The official launch of the Southern Star Poultry Alliance will be a feature of the 2012 South Australian Sub-Branch of the World’s Poultry Science Association’s Poultry Industry Day (see 2012 SA Poultry Industry day invite). The event, to be held on Thursday 20 September 2012 at the University of Adelaide’s Roseworthy campus, will kick off with the launch at 10am. Poultry CRC CEO Professor Mingan Choct will join other Poultry CRC Sub-Project leaders and industry representatives at the Poultry Industry Day.

The Southern Star Poultry Alliance between The University of Adelaide and the South Australian Research and Development Institute brings together knowledge, experience, expertise and resources for poultry research and teaching in South Australia.  It builds on the capabilities in the Pig and Poultry Production Institute which was established on the Roseworthy Campus of The University of Adelaide in 1996.

The overall aims of the Alliance are:-

  • Provide research capability and infrastructure to support research services for the poultry industry issues in SA, Australia and internationally to fulfil our role as a key member within the National Primary Industries Research, Development and Extension Framework in Australia.
  • Assist Government and industry funding bodies to develop and execute their respective research policies and 5-year plans.
  • Meet the education needs of veterinary and animal science undergraduate and post graduate students from Australia and overseas, and conduct poultry training courses for local and overseas groups.

The challenge facing poultry research scientists and educators is to help the State and National poultry industries achieve sustainable and welfare friendly poultry production as the population increases with a commensurate increase in demand for affordable, high quality food.  Australians consume more poultry than any other meat (44kg per person per annum), and 213 eggs per annum; by 2050 the poultry industry will require 500 million more meat chickens and 15 million more laying hens per year.


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