Housing and Cages

A cage at the Tintinara Area School

By Jayden Miell & Kim Wanke

Cage size:

Small Birds

55 cm high x 86 cm wide x 90 cm deep: for 1 medium bird or 2 small birds.

Larger Birds

86 cm high x 86 cm wide x 90 cm deep: for 1 large bird or 1 medium or 2 small birds.


Cages normally have 4 sides as well as a top and a bottom. The front side can be like the photo above with food and water inside or on the outside like shown. It is good if birds can have access to natural light. It is recommended that they have straw or saw dust for litter in the bottom of the cage.


Make sure that they have protection from the weather. It is also important that birds have air flow and ventilation.


Make sure that the doors are kept shut and don’t have very low windows. Check to make sure predators cannot get into the bird’s enclosure.