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Poultry production is one of the world’s most technically advanced agricultural industries, contributing significantly to the global food basket. In developing countries, keeping backyard and village poultry is often the only means of livelihood for millions of rural people, and in developed countries poultry production provides high quality animal proteins.

Developed by the Poultry Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), Poultry Hub is an award-winning portal that serves as a one-stop-shop for scientific and commercial information related to poultry.

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Mingan Choct

CEO Poultry CRC

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27/11/14 - The importance of managing gut health in poultry

Welcome to another edition of eChook! In this edition, I would like to talk about “Gut Health” in the way I understand it. These days, the large proportion of nutrition...

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27/11/14 - Poultry’s part in moving to an Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper

On 6 November, Poultry CRC representatives attended the Australian Government’s consultation session with representatives of the Australian poultry industry in Sydney. The consultations will help develop an Agricultural Competitiveness White...

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27/11/14 - Non-invasive welfare assessment

A commonly used biomarker of stress in avian species is measurement of corticosterone in blood, which is released by the adrenal glands when the bird’s body prepares for ‘flight’ or...

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27/11/14 - Litter befits Fertiliser

Poultry litter as a potential fertiliser has received limited accolades to date due to perceptions such as inconsistent nutrient supply, material bulk, leaching and/or run-off to the environment. A Poultry...

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12/11/14 - Please vote for our “Chick Embryo Development” animation

Dear Poultry Hub users, We need your help. Please vote for our “Chick Embryo Development” animation for the People’s Choice award! The “Chick Embryo Development” animation, which has been made...

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