By Ayden Reid, Nick Gowling and Bradley Swain

The correct way to spread a chook’s wings

  • You must first build a trust bond with your chicken/duck.
  • You have to teach them how to sit up properly by tapping their chest and fluffing their tail feathers up. Get teacher’s help with this if unsure.
  • You also have to spread their wings out so that they are used to it when the judges do it.
  • To do this grip the bone on there wing and lightly pull out to their full wing span. Also get teachers help if unsure.
  • It is possible to train them to do tricks and follow obstacle courses for competitions and entertainment.
  • It is a good idea to train them to get used to getting their legs held tight for restraining and also getting them used to being restrained from fighting with other chooks and flapping their wings.