Chook Chat Shack at Poultry Information Exchange

AgriFutures Australia Chicken Meat Program, Australian Eggs and Poultry Hub Australia are excited to be co-hosting the Chook Chat Shack at the 2022 PIX/AMC Conference.

The Shack is a meeting place where farmers and industry participants can connect with leading poultry researchers to discuss priorities, challenges and emerging opportunities.

Farmers and supply chain participants benefit from hearing about the latest findings from chicken meat and egg industry-funded research. Equally, research is advanced when scientists get the opportunity to hear about on-farm production issues and commercial realities.

For farmers who struggle to stay connected with the poultry research organisations, the Chook Chat Shack provides an opportunity to influence the on-farm research, development and adoption programs currently in place.

AgriFutures Australia Chicken Meat Program, Australian Eggs and Poultry Hub share a common interest in commercial poultry production. As much as possible, a coordinated approach is taken by the three organisations to align on shared objectives and deliver research with greater efficiency and less duplication.

The Shack is a great place to organise to meet up with farmers and other conference delegates as well as meet with Poultry Hub, Australian Eggs and AgriFutures staff about the activities of those organisations. We also have dedicated meeting spaces available for those seeking a more formal setting.

Also, come along and try our new virtual reality experiences, from dissecting a chicken to improving biosecurity, these fun new tools support learning about the poultry industries for both farmers, school students and university students.

We hope to see you at the Chook Chat Shack because working together improves the quality of poultry research in Australia.

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