Competent people are key to future industry success

Welcome to another edition of eChook!

The poultry industry is an essential contributor to food security throughout the world. It is also a low emission industry that thrives on efficient utilisation of resources, such as feed and water.  There is no doubt that the poultry industry will lead the way in efficient production of high quality animal protein for human consumption into the future. However, a continuous gain in efficiency, balanced against animal welfare needs, will not occur unless we have a new generation of innovative thinkers who have an appreciation of the poultry industry.  Their appreciation comes from exposure to the scientists and industry leaders of today, and their understanding of and immersion in the exciting array of science involving poultry.

We cannot depend on immigration, or the movement of capable people from other agricultural industries, to provide this new generation.  We must educate and train them ourselves, to ensure dedicated, competent employees adopt roles throughout the poultry industry, and remain committed to the industry’s growth and success.

To this end, we feature two of our students in this edition, Sarah Weaver and Nicky-Lee Wilson, who are doing their degrees at the University of Adelaide. I encourage you to read their stories and interact with them directly when the opportunities arise.

(image: Dr Anthony Keyburn courtesy of Frank Filippi, CSIRO)

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