SNAP SURVEY – NSW Poultry Meat Growers Only Please

The NSW Department of Primary Industries, in collaboration with industry partners, is considering the development of a training and information program for poultry meat growers in NSW.

To develop a program which meets the needs and interests of growers we need to know:
• If growers are seeking training and skill development opportunities?
• What training and skill development is of interest?
• How training should be delivered?
• Should training be formal (accredited and nationally recognised) or informal (field days, information sessions, roadshows etc)?

Would you please take just 5 minutes to complete this survey.

How we will use this information? Each survey is anonymous and will not be shared with anyone outside of NSW Department of Primary Industries. The information will be collated together so that we can identify if training is something growers are seeking, what training growers want and how growers want to receive training.

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