Internship program extended

Since the commencement of the second round of the Poultry CRC in 2010, seven young people have been awarded Poultry CRC industry internships. The program, designed to encourage graduates into the industry, has been hailed as a resounding success. So much so, that despite the initially allocated places being filled, the program is now being extended.

Two new places have been made available in 2014, for Poultry CRC participants wishing to employ a graduate, who is not already employed within the poultry industry.

Of the six interns who have already completed their year, five have found full-time employment in the poultry industry, which is a great testament to their mentors.  They have contributed to the industry via direct on-farm interaction with producers, as well as engaging in a number of other ways. Through conference attendance, speaking and teaching commitments and by contributions to writing teaching materials, the interns have certainly had a positive impact as ambassadors and role models for the poultry industry.

Dr Peter Scott from Scolexia explained the benefits of the internship program from an industry perspective. “The Poultry CRC through the veterinary internship program has allowed Scolexia, as a provider of veterinary health services to the Australian poultry industry, to mentor young veterinarians in poultry health and husbandry” he said. “It is well recognised within the poultry industry that current veterinarians are an aging population, and that a succession plan has been lacking. The CRC has enabled a reversal of this trend with a new young generation of capable poultry veterinarians servicing the industry under the guidance of experienced veterinarians. Scolexia has particularly supported a holistic approach in the training of veterinarians about health, regulatory, welfare and biosecurity aspects of the poultry industry.”

Equally, Veterinarian and Internship recipient Dr Jodi Hopper, working with consultancy Zootechny (Dr Peter Groves), exclaimed, “The internship program has been fantastic. It has opened huge doors for me straight into the poultry industry, and consequently has me hooked!”

Likewise, Poultry CRC Honours graduate Ms Mary Tran explained in depth the personal benefits she has taken from the program. “I have been very fortunate to be part of the CRCs internship program over the past year” she said. “Prior to working with Baiada, my exposure to the commercial side of the industry was very limited. Working on this internship at Birling Avian Laboratories has developed my experience with food analysis and food safety, working in the Quality Assurance and Microbiology departments. Within the Serology department, I have been exposed to Baiada’s vaccination program. This exposure was further developed when I continued my internship in Griffith, working on Breeder Farms within the Riverina Livestock Division. My time in Griffith also gave me the opportunity to work within their Hatchery, as well as visit their Broiler Farms.”

Mary continued, “Being given the opportunity to experience commercial poultry production first hand has been an eye opener. I have gained so much insight into the operations of the industry, and have such an enormous appreciation for everything that goes on, from incubation and hatching of eggs, right through to the final food safety tests on finished products for consumption. Words cannot express my gratitude to the Poultry CRC and Baiada for their support and for allowing for the opportunity for professional and personal development through this internship program.”

To be eligible for a Poultry CRC industry internship, graduates must have studied Poultry related subjects such as Animal Science, Veterinary Science, Rural Science or Environmental Management. They must also be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or Permanent Resident and carry out their work in Australia.

As part of the internship, the Poultry CRC will pay up to 50% of the salary and salary on-costs according to the employer’s offer for 12 months. It will also cover flights and accommodation so that the Intern can attend CRC events such as workshops during the 12 months of the Internship. The employer must be a Participant in the Poultry CRC.

A limited number of shorter (up to 6 months), overseas research placements are also available to Poultry CRC Postgraduates who have not been previously employed on a Poultry CRC research project. These are awarded at the discretion of the CEO, Professor Mingan Choct, and are a great way for newly graduated Postgrads to broaden their professional network and gain valuable experience with an overseas research institute.

Enquiries about either the industry internships or the overseas research placement can be made by contacting, Education Manager, Liz Roan on (02) 6773 4078 or via email

Pictured above (clockwise from top left): Nilhan Fernando (Scolexia), Arif Anwar (Scolexia), James Hannon (Golden Cockerel), Jodi Hopper (Zootechny), Sheridan Alfirevich (Zootechny), Mary Tran (Baiada) and Aaron Van den Heuvel (Unviersity of New England)

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