Meet Adam – a new recruit to the Australian Poultry Industry

Poultry Hub’s Job Ready Training initiative has taken flight under the wings of Education Officer Mr Bruce Dennison. Since November, we have had 40 new registrations, 33 of who have completed training. But most pleasing is that 8 of those have commenced employment either on a farm with broilers, on egg farms or in the processing plant within the New England region of NSW.

One of the successful new recruits to our industry is Adam. After being unemployed and on the jobseeker list for over 8 months, Adam was feeling down, lacking in self-esteem and confidence. He felt like he was never going to gain employment again, especially since his previous employment ended on a negative note. Adam had been actively looking for a new job when his Job Coach referred him to the Poultry Hub Australia Job Ready training, which would prove to be a life changing moment for Adam.

He attended the 4-day Poultry Training where he gained valuable knowledge of the poultry industry, hands on skills, as well as confidence from the inclusive and welcoming environment. Adam, with Poultry Hub Certificate in hand, attended an interview at a recruitment agency, where he was offered an on-farm experience to get a closer look at the employment opportunity. He enjoyed this experience and was soon offered a position to do some floor walking and general farm work, of which he accepted. “Absolutely loving it” was Adam’s response when asked how work is going, in a recent conversation with Education Officer Bruce Dennison.

Bruce keeps in regular contact with many of our participants to ensure they have ongoing support when transitioning in the industry, recently remarking that “We have been in regular contact with Adam and his employer, to keep track of him. We have received positive feedback from both Adam, the farm and the recruitment agency”.

Through partnerships with other community organisations, Poultry Hub Australia have been able to provide support to all the participants, ensuring that young people like Adam can continue to be employed in the Poultry industry and choose to stay on for a long career in our ever-growing workforce. For more details please contact us at

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