Vicky and Victor visit EvokeAg in Melbourne

Hailey Cameron and Bruce Dennison at EvokeAg.

EvokeAg is an event which allows delegates to explore what’s next in the agrifood tech space, covering three main themes; food – farm – future. The conference is an immersive experience delivering diverse topics and cutting-edge innovation from across the region and around the world. It is the only event of its type where people come together to connect, collaborate and evolve all things agriculture in Australia.

The PHA team went along to learn what new things were available and also to showcase our virtual chicken experience, Vicky and Victor the virtual reality chickens. Approximately 1,300 delegates attended, many of them visited the PHA space. Of the delegates that attended the PHA experience, many said “That was totally not what I expected” and thought the experience was “a great resource to teach chicken anatomy which could be easily transferred to all agricultural industries”.

There were many other businesses and organisations there including state governments, universities, CSIRO, DPI and rural R & D Corporations. Overall a great event to attend!

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