More resources for schools and poultry industry training

The Poultry CRC’s production of poultry industry training manuals for use in the VET sector is continuing on schedule. Commercial Layer Management, Health & Welfare – Principles of Health & Welfare (Book 1) has been completed and is now available for download for people teaching in this area in Australia as either a low resolution PDF suitable for on-screen viewing (3.7MB) or a high resolution version suitable for printing (20.5MB).

The CRC is grateful to a number of avian veterinarians who have generously donated their time in the supply and annotation of photos and proof-reading of texts. In particular, we would like to thank Balkar Bains, Peter Groves and Neil Christensen. Copies of the Commercial Layer Management books can be purchased from the Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL).

Roll out of the distribution of our Teacher’s Resource Kits is also continuing, with over 300 schools nationally having now received the kit. Currently, the CRC is polling teachers via an online survey for feedback on how useful they have found the free posters, books, DVDs and lesson plans. We are striving for continuous improvement, and following analysis of the results, we’ll be providing even more great materials for distribution to Australian Schools.

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