New chapter begins for poultry research and education

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The CRC team spread far and wide last month, with both the Poultry Information Exchange (PIX) at the Gold Coast and the CRC Association conference in Alice Springs happening in the same week. I joined our Chair, The Hon. John Kerin, our Education Coordinator, Tim Walker and Communication Manager, Chris Day, in Alice Springs. The CRC’s Commercial Manager, Lloyd Thomson, presented at PIX, offering an overview of the Poultry CRC’s next seven years of research, development, education and training. The CRC’s Office Manager, Helene Dawson, manned the CRC’s stand which offered delegates information about the extension CRC and its activities.

Lloyd presented on the CRC’s accomplishments to date, including our 25 rapid diagnostic tests for poultry diseases (an Australian first), seven vaccines under development, seven patents obtained, 36 university students supported, 3 online poultry courses established, hundreds of scientific papers and the initiation of a comprehensive vocational education and training program. The original CRC’s achievements were recognised in 2008 with the WPSA Industry/Organisation Award and again in 2009 with the CRC Association Excellence in Innovation Award for Education and Public Outreach (for

PIX delegates also learnt about the new CRC’s programs, each designed to address the major challenge of helping Australia achieve sustainable, ethical poultry production in the face of population growth and climate change. The Poultry CRC’s final chapter will unfold over the next seven years, involving three programs with integrated research, development and education components. Program 1, Health & Welfare, will use frontier science to deliver poultry health products and evidence-based welfare methodology to industry. Program 2, Nutrition & Environment, will undertake research to link the fundamental aspects of feeding to environmental outcomes. Program 3, Safe & Quality Food Production, is aimed at controlling food-borne illnesses related to poultry products.

Sub-projects are due to commence in the second half of the year, with the Executive Committee having made its recommendations to the Board regarding Full Research Proposals.

Mrs Liz Roan has been appointed Education Officer to focus on vocational education and training, a key area of the Poultry CRC’s Education Program. Liz has a strong background in the fields of education, agriculture and information technology, and has tremendous experience in communicating with primary producers.



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