The nose knows: UNSW Odour Workshop

An intensive odour workshop at The University of New South Wales (UNSW) in August aims to provide practical hands-on training for sampling, storing and analysing odours and odorants.

Minimising the impact of poultry production on peri-urban dwellers remains a significant challenge for the poultry industry, and Poultry CRC funded research continues to explore dust and odour emissions from poultry sheds and the types of tools needed to monitor and control these impacts.

Running the workshop are UNSW’s Professor Richard Stuetz and Gavin Parcsi, both of whom were involved in earlier Poultry CRC research into dust and odour emissions from poultry sheds.

“Odour and odorant analysis is a challenging field due to the inherent instability of odorants,” explained Professor Stuetz. “As a result, the methodologies and techniques used for sampling and analysis can have a significant influence on the obtained results.”

“This two day intensive workshop provides participants with practical training on conducting odour and odorant sample collection and analysis, along with an understanding of key issues related to sample collection, storage, and analysis. Due to its hands-on focus, this workshop will be restricted to six participants only.”

The Odour and Odorant Analysis Workshop will be conducted at UNSW’s Water Research Centre (Kensington Campus) on August 26th to 27th. More information, including the registration form, can be found at Water Research Centre website.

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