New postdoc adds to Australia’s poultry research expertise

The University of New England has offered Dr Isabelle Ruhnke a 3-year postdoctoral position in poultry science as part of its strategic investment in young talent. Isabelle is, indeed, a deserving appointment. She holds multiple degrees from the Free University of Berlin, including a State Examination of Veterinary Medicine, a Master’s of Small Animal Sciences, a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, and a recently completed PhD in Biomedical Sciences obtained at the Institute of Animal Nutrition.

Although she has broad experience and interests, Isabelle is hoping to focus on the free range sector of the poultry industry. This is fortuitous because consumer demand for products produced via sustainable and ethical production systems are very high in Australia, with 40% of our eggs and approximately 15% of chicken meat now being produced in the free range sector.

Isabelle will be a great addition to Australia’s poultry research capability, offering her wide practical and research skills in animal health, welfare and nutrition to complement our research effort in managing free range poultry production. Isabelle is hoping to move to Australia by May 2014. Welcome to Australia, Dr Ruhnke!

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