Official Launch of the Australian Feed Ingredient Database

Nutrient specifications of feed ingredients must be accurately determined to ensure diets meet nutritional requirements, as feed represents the primary cost of broiler production. Australian poultry nutritionists have expressed concern, as many nutrient specification databases contain dated information or lack Australian specific data.

To address this concern, recent Australian and global feed ingredient data for commonly used Australian feed ingredients has been compiled to assist Australian broiler integrator nutritionists to achieve more precise diet formulation and realise improvements in production efficiency, reduced safety margins and feed costs. Data is reported for 42 ingredients with 102 nutrient specifications per ingredient. The mean value, sample numbers, standard deviations are also reported. Importantly, the standard deviation and sample number provided mean that the quality and accuracy of the data can also be determined.

This database, supported by AgriFutures Chicken Meat, compiles data from a total of 12 companies/databases, including; Adisseo, Ajinomoto, Cootamundra Oil Seeds, DuPont, Evonik, Poultry Hub, Novus, Premier Nutrition and RCI. The authors would also like to acknowledge the following open access sources which were also included; Feed grain Partnership, Feedipedia and INRAE-CIRAD-AFZ Feed Tables.

The database has now been launched and is freely available in either a PDF form or excel version and may also be downloaded from the AgriFutures Extension Australia website:

Questions regarding the database may be directed to Dr Amy Moss at

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