PHA Funding Announced!

Poultry Hub Australia is pleased to announce that we have awarded a total of $181,487 to four projects, following our open call for research proposals. We would like to thank all those that submitted a project and congratulate those that have been successful and encourage others to keep up the great ideas. The four successful projects span a number of important areas including the importance of sampling and sampling methodology in poultry production, precision feeding, novel feed additives and detection of Spotty Liver Disease in chickens. We look forward to bringing you more information over the coming months on these projects.

During the project review process, it was clear to all members of our Industry Committee that researchers in our industry are full of great ideas and have some novel strategies to solve some of the big issues that the Australian Poultry Industry currently faces. In many cases researchers proposed a great solution but failed to demonstrate a direct industry link or industry partner and hence were not eligible for funding from PHA. PHA can facilitate the types of interactions that lead to research collaboration. We would encourage all researchers to make use of our Researcher-In-Industry program that is designed to get researchers and industry talking. This program funds researchers to spend time on farm or in industry to help start a dialogue with the likely outcome being a project that is perfectly suited to be funded through PHA’s open funding call. If you are interested in this program please contact us at

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