PHA Intern – Angela Scott

It has been one year now since Angela Scott started her poultry internship program in South Australia (SA) in 2018 and Angela says it has been a tremendous learning experience for her.

Angela’s poultry internship program is jointly funded by the PoultryHub and Food Safety Program of Biosecurity SA. Originally planned to be only a one year program, it was effortlessly extended to two years before it started after a request from the Executive Director of Biosecurity SA at the time.

Angela’s title at Biosecurity SA is Poultry Food Production Officer and she works closely with Margaret Sexton, Technical Manager of Poultry Food Production.

“I feel very lucky to work with Margaret as I can learn from Margaret’s great knowledge on poultry health, disease and food safety particularly in the South Australian context,”

Unique challenges that have coincidentally arisen since Angela started include infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT) outbreaks in broiler farms in South Australia, and working with industry to prevent Salmonella Enteritidis contamination in South Australian farms after outbreaks were detected in egg farms interstate.

Angela feels that her keen interest in poultry was strongly supported by the industry which provided her with many unique opportunities including being able to complete her PhD in avian influenza risk mitigation. Angela strongly encourages anyone with an interest to reach out and be amazed by the support and opportunities the industry can provide.

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