PIX Young Industry Delegates

On the 15th – 17th of May 2022 PIX/AMX 2022 was held at Broadbeach, Gold Coast. Eight young industry delegates from all different fields of the poultry industry were brought together to experience all that the conference had to offer. The PIX program was split into chicken meat or egg production so depending on what operations the young delegates were from; they were exposed to the latest innovations, technologies and information in that particular field. There were various sessions that were thought provoking and had us all thinking about how the industry will change in the next 20 years and what role technology will play as well as the challenges that the industry will face and how we will overcome these challenges and be able to supply top quality poultry and poultry products.

Workshops on various special interest areas including all aspects of the poultry industry were also run during the conference and the young delegates were able to take part and gain knowledge of the latest information and current research going on and how they may be able to implement it into their own operations. There were plenty of opportunities to ask questions to the presenters and get them to clarify how their research would work in a commercial environment.

One of the young delegates Gracyn Dwight from Turosi said ‘the PIX young delegate program was great to see what new products were out there and getting an insight into the future trends but I think the most valuable part of being there was seeing just how many career options there are in the poultry industry and hearing the different pathways they took to get to where they are. Getting shown that there are plenty of opportunities to pursue in the poultry industry.’

There were plenty of opportunities for the young industry delegates to network both at the exhibition booths and at the dinners. The delegates were able to get to know each other and walked away from the conference gaining some lifelong friends and colleagues. As well as having a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about the poultry industry.

The PIX Young Industry Delegates that attended were:

Jae St Leon – Proten

Jaleah Clark – Luv-a-Duck

Thomas Davies – Agricultural Automation

James Dowd – Ash and Sons Eggs

Gracyn Dwight – Turosi

Eunjoo Kim – University of New England

Jade Sluggett – Proten

Zoe Zhang – McLean Farms

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