Poultry CRC researchers benefit from natural collaborative networks

Welcome to another edition of eChook.

First of all, I am delighted to say that most of our research activities have officially commenced, starting to address approximately 80% of the identified Outputs we are contracted to deliver during the term of the Poultry CRC. We will cover the remaining Outputs by future calls for proposals combined with specifically commissioned projects.

The vast majority of our Sub-Projects have multiple participants, including end-users, due to the natural collaborative networks formed over the years amongst partners, as well as our structured approach to managing Sub-Project selection.

Secondly, our researchers have been continuously active in presenting their findings at various national and international conferences. The CRC encourages such activities, and has been providing significant financial support for travel. The next important conference that the CRC will be actively involved in will be the Australian Poultry Science Symposium (APSS), to be held from 14-16 February, 2011 in Sydney. The CRC will be sponsoring the conference and will offer travel grants to students who are involved in the CRC to present their results.



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