Revisions and Awards

The Poultry CRC’s Chicken Embryo Development animation recently took out two awards at the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) annual meeting in the USA. Our Canadian animators, AXS Studio Inc. were delighted to pass on the news that the animation had won both a Member’s Choice Award (New Media) and an Animation: Didactic/Instructional – Non-Commercial Award (Award of Excellence). The AMI meeting opened with “a visual celebration of artist and scientist collaborations”. At Poultry CRC, we are very proud of our collaborative work with AXS, with the animation having reached almost a quarter of a million views to date.

In other news, Poultry CRC CEO, Professor Mingan Choct has been spending some time of late improving pages on the Poultry Hub site. Revisions are being made to ensure that pages are current and/or timeless (where possible) in an effort to ‘future proof’ the site beyond the life of the Poultry CRC.

One such example is a new page for backyard chickens. This page covers common health and welfare issues associated with backyard poultry, including ‘egg bound hens’, ‘scaly legs’, ‘nutrient deficiencies’, ‘impacted, blocked, pendulous, sour crop and gizzard’ and finally, ‘cannibalism’. Mingan will soon turn his attention to updating aspects of the nutrition section of the Hub, in particular, feed formulation and ingredients.

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