The Chicken Growth Simulator has arrived!

PHA focuses on challenges identified in the Australian Poultry Industry and requires a collaborative approach to deliver solutions quickly and effectively. An important aspect of PHA’s activities is to build capacity in the industry. We recognise that two-way communication between young people and industry is essential to building the industry’s capacity in a sustainable way. PHA has a commitment to build capacity through mentoring and coordination of poultry research students across Australia, through activities and resources that connect students with industry.

Poultry Hub is excited to announce that we have a new app available. The chicken growth simulator is an app where students can see the effects of lighting, temperature and crude protein on a particular age of the broiler. The student can change the variables and see what affect it will have on both live and carcass weight. Students can also see the cost of producing that particular bird. Poultry Hub are hoping that this app will provide teachers with an additional tool to show the growth of broilers and how variables affect the size and as a consequence the cost of a broiler.

So try being a poultry farmer and test out The Chicken Growth Simulator Here!


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