UPDATE: Researcher In Industry

UPDATE: Researcher In Industry

Dr Dana Stanley

Dana Rod and Karen


Dr Dana Stanley of Central Queensland University (CQU) has recently visited a few more here places as part of her “Researcher-in-Industry” internship from the Poultry CRC. Following her visit to D.A. Hall & Co farms in Millmerran, Queensland, she visited Golden Cockerel at Mt Cotton, just south of Brisbane. Dana has witnessed first-hand the contrast between a large-scale layer farm and a chicken meat farm. When arriving at Golden Cockerel Dana was welcomed by Rod Jenner and Karen Gurney. Dana provided an explanation of all the research that she has been doing over the past few years in poultry gut health, through a presentation to staff at Golden Cockerel. Following her presentation Dana was able to tour their facilities. Dana commented “I was taken for another remarkable tour around the facilities and I met a lot of impressive people”. Dana also remarked “I was able to witness their commitment to high quality during my visit”.

Two months later Dana traveled down to Melbourne to visit Ridley in their Bourke Street Melbourne office. Here Dana was welcomed by Greg Connors and then joined by Gavin Lavers, Briannon Avery and Louise Edwards. Dana again presented her research activities which prompted a great discussion. Dana found the meeting extremely helpful and noted “I was given a number of nutritionist tips and I have tweaked my ongoing projects according to the advice given”.

Shortly after her Melbourne visit she traveled to Adelaide to attend the Southern Star Poultry Alliance. Here she was also able to present her research projects, get feedback and stimulate some great discussion. This meeting enabled Dana to network and meet directly with a host of industry representatives attending the event.

Dana with Ridley, Melbourne Staff

It is clear that this internship is providing a truly unique and beneficial experience for Dana. Dana says “all of my visits so far have been inspiring and getting to know industry needs and their comments on my research from a practical point of view has been priceless. I am looking forward to my next trip, just waiting for a few major bird trials to finish before I pack my bags again…”. We will keep you posted on Dana’s travels over the coming months.



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