Volunteer Poultry Farm Advisor based in Bhutan

Flag of Bhutan

Are you an expert in poultry farming passionate about making a difference? If you are looking to live and work in Bhutan, here is your chance to take your skills to Bhutan and make a difference!

The Department of Livestock (DoL) falls under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests. A government owned poultry farm engaged in distributing day old Chicks to poultry farmers requires a Poultry Farm Advisor to enhance its production practices. The farm has a hatchery and parent stock that produce day old chicks and is a regional technical reference point for livestock extension professionals and poultry farms.

As the Poultry Farm Advisor you will build capacity in animal husbandry practices amongst farmers in all aspects of poultry farming. This will include Hatchery and Parent Stock Management, training in bio-security and best practices manufacturing processes, and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points approach. You will be engaged in developing a master plan for the poultry sector in Bhutan and formulate strategies that would support the poultry sector at national level. You will also ensure the longevity of your work by developing manuals etc. that will form a reference point for staff post your departure.

This role will ensure a high calibre of poultry farm trainers and technical advisers at DoL and support the farm in its objective to be a regional technical reference point for livestock extension professionals and poultry farms. This will enable the advancement of the poultry sector in Bhutan while creating employment opportunities. – See more at: http://www.volunteering.scopeglobal.com/assignments/AV0716BT12#sthash.0FONy9bi.dpuf

Applications close 21 July 2016. The assignment runs for 12 months, starting during November 2016 and the location is Paro, Bhutan. Contact details are:

E-mail – recruitment.volunteers@scopeglobal.com

Phone – +61 8 8364 8500

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