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Poultry production is one of the world’s most technically advanced agricultural industries, contributing significantly to the global food basket. In developing countries, keeping backyard and village poultry is often the only means of livelihood for millions of rural people, and in developed countries poultry production provides high quality animal proteins.

Developed by the Poultry Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), Poultry Hub is an award-winning portal that serves as a one-stop-shop for scientific and commercial information related to poultry.

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Mingan Choct

CEO Poultry CRC

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28/07/14 - Call for nominations for new Director for Poultry CRC Board

The Poultry CRC is calling for nominations for a Director to fill a casual vacancy on its Board. The nominee must have a sound knowledge of the poultry industry, particularly...

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07/07/14 - Broilers and Wet litter

Dry, friable litter is desirable for broiler welfare and production efficiency. While many factors contribute to excess litter moisture or ‘wet litter’, including bird density, litter type, drinker type and...

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Litter quality is critical

07/07/14 - Treating Litter Between Batches

The rapid expansion of chicken meat production in Australia has led to a scarcity of bedding materials such as wood shavings and sawdust, and, at times, rice hulls and straw....

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07/07/14 - Diagnostic tests for the Australian poultry industry

Rapid, accurate and reliable diagnostics for poultry pathogens are essential for producers to have access to in the case of an outbreak. Across Australia there are a number of diagnostic...

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Picture 1. Hens at 24 weeks of age

22/05/14 - Free Range Poultry Survey 2014

The Poultry CRC is conducting a survey of free range poultry farms across the country. The survey results will underpin the commissioning of rational, evidence-based research projects to address the important scientific...

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