University studies offer an opportunity for people to gain skills for a rewarding career in the poultry industry. Several universities in Australia offer tertiary education for people already working in, or wishing to work within, the poultry industry.

Each university has their specialty areas and many offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Some universities are increasingly moving towards the delivery of distance and online learning programmes and vocational education and training qualifications.

Check with the individual university and course coordinator for more specific information such as enrollment timetables, fees and course outlines. The courses and delivery systems offered by universities are regularly reviewed so you should obtain current information from the universities if you are considering higher education. Poultry related studies can be undertaken through a variety of fields and disciplines, including Agriculture, Animal Science, Environmental Science, Rural Science or Veterinary Science just to name a few.

There are a  number of universities involved in poultry research and education in Australia, including the following.

Deakin University

Deakin’s School of Life and Environmental Sciences encompasses a range of disciplines. Poultry-related research can be undertaken in the area of Biomolecular Sciences. The School of Medicine also offers opportunities for those wishing to study in the area of vaccinations, or disease immune responses.

Monash Univeristy

For those interested in the area of food microbiology, Monash University could be the place to look. Master of Biomedical Science and PhD opportunities are available within the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

The University of Adelaide

Adelaide’s Roseworthy Campus is home to the Pig and Poultry Production Institute, who focus on poultry nutrition, welfare and husbandry. Poultry-related studies and research are also conducted within the areas of Animal and Veterinary Sciences.

The University of Melbourne

With a strong emphasis on disease diagnosis, the Faculty of Veterinary Science is responsible for the running of the Avian Health Online Postgraduate course.  By having this course fully online, quality specialist avian studies are available to existing Bachelor of  Veterinary Science (or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) students from anywhere in the world. Melbourne Uni also offers Poultry-related studies in the areas of Agriculture and Food Systems, Microbiology, Immunology, and Physiology.

University of New England

UNE teaches two poultry specific units, through the School of Environmental and Rural Science or School of Science and Technology. These units are Poultry Production and Poultry Physiology and can be taken at either the 3rd year or Postgraduate level. The units are highly relevant to the commercial poultry industry and are designed to provide students and clients completing a Certificate or Diploma in Poultry Science with an understanding of the avian physiological systems with relevance to performance of commercial poultry as well as an understanding of commercial poultry production.

Poultry Research at UNE covers a range of topics including nutrition, production, welfare, and genetics. Animal Science staff are listed with their research areas of interest and contact details here. UNE is also well set up with experimental facilities which are used to conduct poultry research.

University of New South Wales

NSW Uni’s recognized areas of strength in natural and life sciences area make it an obvious place to look if you have an interest in environmental issues. The School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES) is a great starting point for discussing ways to measure and reduce environmental impacts associated with commercial poultry production. If biomolecular science is more your field of interest, then UNSW has a School for that too.

The University of Queensland

The UQ QAAFI Institute (Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation) was formed as a collaboration with the University of Queensland and the Queensland Government. It has three centres, the Centre for Plant Science, the Centre for Animal Science and the Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences, and each of these encompasses areas that are relevant to poultry production. In particular, research opportunities exist in the area of safe food production, as securing food production into the future will only increase in importance as more food is needed to feed our growing population.

The University of Sydney

Sydney University is home to the Poultry Research Foundation, who conduct industry focused poultry research relevant to both the layer and broiler industries using its facilites at Camden. For a list of PRF research staff, click here. Their areas of research interest can be found on their home pages, or you can contact them to discuss future proposals and research needs.

Central Queensland University

The poultry research at CQU is directed by Dr. Dana Stanley within the school of School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences. The area of poultry research at CQU is on intestinal microbiota in health and disease with a focus on the role of microbiota in  poultry disease prevention.