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Do you have a passion for poultry? Would you like to contribute information/articles to Poultry Hub? If so, then we need you! Poultry CRC would like to give Poultry Hub ( users the opportunity to post poultry-related articles on this site for the overall benefit of the poultry industry. Especially welcome are contributions from Poultry CRC participant organisations.

Articles submitted will be subject to review before inclusion on Poultry Hub. We are especially looking for articles that can expand our educational portfolio (e.g. Poultrypedia), or offer new ideas and perspectives on the current challenges facing the poultry industry. Submissions that are blatant promotions of a particular company and/or product will not be considered to be of value.

The overarching purpose of Poultry Hub is to serve as an online poultry ‘information centre’ that farmers, poultry industry professionals, researchers and the general public can use to learn more about poultry and poultry production. Originally launched in 2007, Poultry Hub used MediaWiki software (similar to popular sites like Wikipedia) to give users the choice of interacting with the site and editing the content. This offered a collaborative resource centre where people could contribute their knowledge and expertise about poultry, promote poultry-related events, post blogs or news releases, access research and training opportunities or check poultry-related job postings.

At Poultry Hub’s launch, Poultry CRC’s CEO Professor Mingan Choct said that the Australian poultry industry benefited from the power of Poultry Hub’s ability to draw together a widely spread group of people with a common interest. “People can visit a comprehensive and ever-growing site that lets them search for poultry-related information, or chip in with their own bit of knowledge or expertise” said Professor Choct.

In March of 2011 the migration of Poultry Hub to the WordPress platform took place, replacing the original Wiki-based platform. This, in effect, limits the ability of users to simply register and immediately begin editing content. Instead, Poultry CRC staff will be happy to receive articles and moderate content before posting articles ‘live’ to Poultry Hub. Of course, in time, authors that consistently deliver engaging and relevant articles may be given the option of having their own Poultry Hub (WordPress) account.

If you’re interested in contributing to Poultry Hub, please send articles to or contact Poultry CRC Communication Officer Mick Warner on (02) 6773 3767 / 0457 733 450 for further information.

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